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Embracing Legacy and Leading with Kindness: Janelle Capra’s Vision for Bakersfield’s Future

Janelle Capra, President and CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber, smiling and speaking at the Greater Bakersfield Chamber office.

In this episode of Destination for Innovation, Janelle Capra, President and CEO of the Greater Bakersfield Chamber, discusses the importance of community, collaboration, and compassion in fostering a vibrant business environment. Her journey from local media to leading one of Bakersfield’s most significant institutions is a testament to the power of connection.

Empowering Literacy and Entrepreneurship in Bakersfield with Mike Russo

Mike Russo standing proudly in his bookstore, Russo's Books, surrounded by towering shelves filled with books.

Discover Mike Russo’s journey on the Destination for Innovation series, from a passionate educator to a cornerstone of Bakersfield’s business and literacy community. Learn how his dedication to Russo’s Books and teaching entrepreneurship shapes the future, inspiring both young minds and fellow entrepreneurs.

Raji Brar: Pioneering Innovation in Bakersfield, Kern County and Beyond

Raji Brar discussing business development and community impact in Bakersfield.

Explore Raji Brar’s journey from managing diverse family businesses to becoming a leader in community development in Bakersfield. Her insights reveal the significance of inclusive business practices and the power of local engagement in driving sustainable growth.

Ali Morris: Fostering Success in Business and Community

Les Mood interviewing Ali Morris for the Destination for Innovation series.

Join us in a captivating discussion with Ali Morris, a leader in small business development. This conversation delves into his journey from engineering to entrepreneurship and his commitment to fostering success in Bakersfield’s business community through meaningful mentorship.

Fostering Future Innovators: A Conversation with Brian Miller, Principal at ROC & CTEC

Les Mood interviewing Brian Miller at Career Technical Education Center (CTEC)

Join Brian Miller as he unveils his innovative approach to education in Bakersfield. Emphasizing the importance of community partnerships and a hands-on learning model, Brian is leading the charge in transforming the educational landscape. Discover how his efforts at ROC and CTEC are shaping a new generation of learners, ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Embracing Creativity: Heather Laganelli, Owner of Bakersfield’s Locale Farm to Table Eatery

Heather Laganelli in an interview discussing her entrepreneurial journey and the success of Locale Farm to Table Eatery.

Discover the journey of Heather Laganelli, the dynamic founder of Locale Farm to Table Eatery, as she shares her story on the Destination for Innovation series. From embracing her cultural roots to overcoming business challenges, Heather’s narrative is filled with lessons on creativity, resilience, and community building. Join us as we explore how her unique approach to the culinary world has made a significant impact in Bakersfield and beyond. This interview is a must-watch for anyone passionate about sustainable dining and local entrepreneurship.

🚀 Building a Solar-Empowered Future… From Space with Andy Atherton, COO of Solestial, Inc.

Andy Atherton discussing Solestial's vision for space-based solar energy projects in the Destination for Innovation interview.

Join an enlightening conversation with Andy Atherton, CCO of Solestial, in our latest Destination for Innovation episode. Discover how Solestial is revolutionizing space with solar energy projects, navigating the start-up world, and envisioning a sustainable future. Andy’s journey from blackjack card counting to MIT, and the pivotal role of government support, showcase how space exploration and sustainability are intertwined, offering innovative solutions for Earth’s challenges.