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Cultivating Innovation in Kern County: Insights from Chief Economic Development Officer Jim Damian

Jim Damian discussing economic development strategies for Kern County, CA.

In this insightful interview, Jim Damian, Kern County’s Chief Economic Development Officer, discusses the strategies and philosophies that make Kern County a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Discover how Kern leverages its unique geology, geography, and community spirit to foster economic growth and innovation.

Unveiling Bakersfield’s Innovation Pathway with Justin Salters

Justin Salters discussing community development and innovation in Bakersfield.

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Justin Salters, Interim Executive Director at B3K Prosperity and Founder & President of Hey Salty. Discover how Justin’s journey from a natural communicator in high school through a successful public affairs career has led him to spearhead economic development and community empowerment in Bakersfield. Learn about the challenges, triumphs, and his vision for fostering innovation in Kern County.

Navigating the Future of Innovation with Jeremy Alan Woods at CSUB

Jeremy Alan Woods sharing insights on innovation at CSUB

Discover the journey of Jeremy Alan Woods, a beacon of entrepreneurship and innovation at CSUB. Uncover how empathy and community are at the heart of his mission to shape future leaders in Kern County.

Empowering Literacy and Entrepreneurship in Bakersfield with Mike Russo

Mike Russo standing proudly in his bookstore, Russo's Books, surrounded by towering shelves filled with books.

Discover Mike Russo’s journey on the Destination for Innovation series, from a passionate educator to a cornerstone of Bakersfield’s business and literacy community. Learn how his dedication to Russo’s Books and teaching entrepreneurship shapes the future, inspiring both young minds and fellow entrepreneurs.

Elevating Solar Energy Through Innovation & Community Engagement: A Conversation with Rudy Saporite

Rudy Saporite discussing solar energy innovation at Intersolar North America, Energy Storage North America.

Dive into an insightful conversation with Rudy Saporite, Program Director at IBTS, as we explore the integral role of community, innovation, and education in advancing the solar energy sector. Discover how integrating solar into the broader electrical trade can pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

Pioneering Solar Innovation with Matt Campbell, CEO & Co-Founder of Terabase Energy Inc.

Matt Campbell discussing the future of solar energy at Intersolar North America, San Diego.

Dive into an enlightening discussion with Matt Campbell, CEO & Co-Founder of Terabase Energy, on revolutionizing utility-scale solar power and his vision for a sustainable future.

Advancing Economic Development in California’s Central Valley with Julie Herd of Go-Biz

Les Mood interviewing Julie Herd in Fresno, California on the Destination for Innovation

Join Julie Herd, Business Development Specialist at GO-Biz, in a conversation about economic development and innovation. From her roots in agriculture to her pivotal role in fostering business growth in California, Julie shares insights on the importance of community involvement and strategic communication. Discover how her approach is shaping a more sustainable and economically robust California.

Exploring the Boundaries of Robotics and Education with Stephen Mears

Stephen Mears teaching robotics to students in a lab at CTEC on the Destination for Innovation with GreenTech Network

Discover Stephen Mears’ inspiring journey in the latest Destination for Innovation episode. From overcoming career challenges to leading robotics education at CTEC, Stephen emphasizes the fusion of art and engineering and advocates for continuous learning and community-driven innovation. Join us to explore how robotics is shaping the future of education and community development in Bakersfield and beyond.

Empowering Communities in Bakersfield & Beyond: Insights from Traco Matthews, MBA

Traco Matthews speaking on community empowerment during the Destination for Innovation interview.

In this latest episode of Destination for Innovation, Traco Matthews, MBA, provides a deep dive into the art of empowering communities. Covering topics from creating a sense of belonging to the importance of holistic development, Matthews offers a fresh perspective on the potential within our communities. His insights into inclusive decision-making and community engagement are not just thought-provoking but are crucial for anyone looking to foster innovation and productivity in diverse societies.