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Cultivating Innovation in Kern County: Insights from Chief Economic Development Officer Jim Damian

Jim Damian discussing economic development strategies for Kern County, CA.

In this insightful interview, Jim Damian, Kern County’s Chief Economic Development Officer, discusses the strategies and philosophies that make Kern County a thriving hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Discover how Kern leverages its unique geology, geography, and community spirit to foster economic growth and innovation.

Unveiling Bakersfield’s Innovation Pathway with Justin Salters

Justin Salters discussing community development and innovation in Bakersfield.

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Justin Salters, Interim Executive Director at B3K Prosperity and Founder & President of Hey Salty. Discover how Justin’s journey from a natural communicator in high school through a successful public affairs career has led him to spearhead economic development and community empowerment in Bakersfield. Learn about the challenges, triumphs, and his vision for fostering innovation in Kern County.

Sustainable Energy & Pivoting Insights with Janos Hettyey

Les Mood interviewing János Hettyey in Beverly Hills.

Explore renewable energy insights with Janos Hettyey from World Kinect Energy Services. In this Destination for Innovation episode, Janos shares his journey from Hungary to Germany, highlighting the need for adaptability and continuous learning in the energy sector. Learn how his approach to renewable energy procurement and his positive outlook are contributing to a sustainable future.

Exploring the Boundaries of Robotics and Education with Stephen Mears

Stephen Mears teaching robotics to students in a lab at CTEC on the Destination for Innovation with GreenTech Network

Discover Stephen Mears’ inspiring journey in the latest Destination for Innovation episode. From overcoming career challenges to leading robotics education at CTEC, Stephen emphasizes the fusion of art and engineering and advocates for continuous learning and community-driven innovation. Join us to explore how robotics is shaping the future of education and community development in Bakersfield and beyond.

Fostering Future Innovators: A Conversation with Brian Miller, Principal at ROC & CTEC

Les Mood interviewing Brian Miller at Career Technical Education Center (CTEC)

Join Brian Miller as he unveils his innovative approach to education in Bakersfield. Emphasizing the importance of community partnerships and a hands-on learning model, Brian is leading the charge in transforming the educational landscape. Discover how his efforts at ROC and CTEC are shaping a new generation of learners, ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Driving Innovation Through Entrepreneurial Education: Angel Cottrell’s Visionary Approach

Angel Cottrell discussing her approach to entrepreneurial education in Bakersfield on 'Destination for Innovation.'

In our latest ‘Destination for Innovation’ feature, meet Angel Cottrell, who is revolutionizing entrepreneurial education at Kern High School District. Angel’s commitment to instilling an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age is molding the minds of Bakersfield’s future changemakers. Her innovative methods and passionate advocacy for educational empowerment offer a blueprint for nurturing young entrepreneurs. Dive into Angel’s visionary approach and see how she’s making a tangible difference in the community.

The Synthesis of Vulnerability and Innovation: A Community Philosophy with Dr. Scott Andrews, Assistant City Manager of Bakersfield

Les Mood alongside Dr. Scott Andrews, engaging in a deep and enlightening conversation on community, innovation, and the transformative power of vulnerability during the Destination for Innovation series.

In a heartfelt conversation with Dr. Scott Andrews, we journey through tales of personal growth, global exploration, and the enduring power of community and vulnerability. Dr. Andrews shares insights into the transformative potential of equitable solutions and innovative partnerships in fostering a sense of belonging and purpose within communities. Dive in to explore the lessons, struggles, and aspirations he’s gleaned on his path to shaping a more harmonious world.

Elevating Energy Innovation With a Weight, Winch & Wire: My Conversation with Kemp Gregory of Renewell Energy

image of Les Mood and Kemp Gregory, smiling during an interview about sustainable energy innovations

Kemp Gregory, the innovative mind behind Renewell Energy, opens up about his journey and the transformative work his company is undertaking, converting idle wells into groundbreaking gravity-based energy storage units. In this conversation with Les Mood, he delves into the challenges, opportunities, and his vision for an equitable energy transformation, providing profound insights into the intersection of history, community, and energy innovation.