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Elevating Solar Energy Through Innovation & Community Engagement: A Conversation with Rudy Saporite

Rudy Saporite discussing solar energy innovation at Intersolar North America, Energy Storage North America.

Dive into an insightful conversation with Rudy Saporite, Program Director at IBTS, as we explore the integral role of community, innovation, and education in advancing the solar energy sector. Discover how integrating solar into the broader electrical trade can pave the way for a sustainable energy future.

Spotlight on Solar Leadership: A Deep Dive with Kellie Macpherson of Radian Generation

Kellie Macpherson discussing renewable energy strategies in an interview for Destination for Innovation with host Les Mood.

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Kellie Macpherson, a seasoned veteran in the renewable sector and a key figure at Radian Generation. Explore her journey, insights on community engagement, mentorship, and how she shapes a sustainable future in solar asset management. Discover Radian Generation’s innovative approach to global energy solutions in this episode of Destination for Innovation.

From Personal Pursuits to Industry Impact: Anton Prenneis’ Green Tech Journey with AutoGrid

Anton Prenneis in an interview for the Destination for Innovation series, discussing his journey from personal eco-friendly initiatives to his impactful role at AutoGrid in the green technology sector.

Join Anton Prenneis on his journey from eco-conscious citizen to a green tech leader at AutoGrid. Discover how his early sustainable experiments, like converting a car to run on vegetable oil, preceded a career dedicated to advancing clean energy. As VP of Strategic Partnerships, Anton is now pivotal in shaping the future of virtual power plants and community solar. Tune into this Destination for Innovation episode for an inspiring story of personal and industry transformation.

🚀 Building a Solar-Empowered Future… From Space with Andy Atherton, COO of Solestial, Inc.

Andy Atherton discussing Solestial's vision for space-based solar energy projects in the Destination for Innovation interview.

Join an enlightening conversation with Andy Atherton, CCO of Solestial, in our latest Destination for Innovation episode. Discover how Solestial is revolutionizing space with solar energy projects, navigating the start-up world, and envisioning a sustainable future. Andy’s journey from blackjack card counting to MIT, and the pivotal role of government support, showcase how space exploration and sustainability are intertwined, offering innovative solutions for Earth’s challenges.