Empowering Literacy and Entrepreneurship in Bakersfield with Mike Russo

Mike Russo standing proudly in his bookstore, Russo's Books, surrounded by towering shelves filled with books.

In the latest episode of the Destination for Innovation series, we’re delighted to feature Mike Russo, a cornerstone of Bakersfield’s business and educational community. As the owner of Russo’s Books and a dedicated educator at the Regional Occupation Center, Mike shares his journey of fostering literacy and nurturing future entrepreneurs in Bakersfield.

Empowering Literacy and Entrepreneurship in Bakersfield with Mike Russo

Key Takeaways:

Dual Passion for Business and Education: With a rich background in both realms, Mike emphasizes the importance of literacy and entrepreneurship as pillars for personal and community growth.

Legacy of Literacy: Through Russo’s Books, Mike has been instrumental in spreading the joy of reading and the power of knowledge across the community for over three decades.

Empowering Future Entrepreneurs: In his role as an educator, Mike focuses on expanding students’ horizons, instilling confidence, and highlighting the endless possibilities that await them.

Resilience and Persistence: Mike underscores the significance of persistence in both business and personal endeavors, encouraging students and professionals alike to persevere through challenges.

Vision for Bakersfield: Reflecting on Bakersfield’s potential as an innovation hub, Mike calls for unified efforts to leverage the region’s rich energy resources and educational opportunities to shape a brighter future.

The Destination for Innovation series is brought to you by The City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network.

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