The Synthesis of Vulnerability and Innovation: A Community Philosophy with Dr. Scott Andrews, Assistant City Manager of Bakersfield

Les Mood alongside Dr. Scott Andrews, engaging in a deep and enlightening conversation on community, innovation, and the transformative power of vulnerability during the Destination for Innovation series.

I had the joy and pleasure of delving into a stimulating conversation on the Destination for Innovation with Dr. Scott Andrews, a renowned figure in the community as the assistant city manager. His journey, insights, and thoughts shed light on diverse aspects of life, innovation, and community building. Check out the full interview!

Key Takeaways:

Discovering Wisdom Through World Exploration:

Traveling through 90 countries has enabled Dr. Andrews to garner immense wisdom and understanding, making him a connoisseur of diverse cultures and perspectives. He revealed how exploration has been a cornerstone for his personal growth and enriched his outlook on life, enabling him to bring innovative and diverse thoughts to Bakersfield.

The Path of Diversification in Public Service:

Dr. Andrews’ career trajectory, from a fitness coordinator to roles in marketing, communications, and economic development, was an intriguing revelation. He emphasized the importance of diversified learning experiences in various sectors and the value it brings to public service, allowing for comprehensive professional development.

Collaborative Ecosystems and Community Synergies:

Dr. Andrews strongly believes in building resilient communities through effective public-private partnerships. He passionately discussed how these partnerships can extend resources and foster an environment conducive to innovation and development, bringing multifaceted benefits to the city and its people.

Personal Tragedy and Community Solidarity:

The tragic loss of his daughter, Violet, was a pivotal point in Dr. Andrews’ life, highlighting the immense strength and support found within the community bonds. The solace and support he received from the community, even after being a part for just six months, underscored the profound impact of shared grief and mutual strength.

The Power of Vulnerability:

Dr. Andrews believes in embracing vulnerability as a superpower, fostering deeper, more meaningful connections. He encourages the realization of the strength found within being vulnerable, allowing us to create profound relationships and understanding.

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