Elevating Energy Innovation With a Weight, Winch & Wire: My Conversation with Kemp Gregory of Renewell Energy

image of Les Mood and Kemp Gregory, smiling during an interview about sustainable energy innovations

I recently had the opportunity to delve into a fascinating conversation with Kemp Gregory of Renewell Energy, exploring not just his professional journey but also his unique perspective on life, community, and legacy. In this interview, I unravel the layers of Gregory’s thought process, his passion for history, and his drive to repurpose existing resources to fuel the future of energy.

A Journey Fueled by Curiosity

Gregory’s journey commenced in the world of automotive repair at his father’s shop, fostering a growing fascination with cars and an aspiration to be an automotive engineer. His experience at Ford and a venture into wind energy with Shell shifted his interest toward innovative energy solutions in West Texas, where he delved deep into the intricate world of hydraulic fracturing.

Revitalizing Idle Wells

Now based in Bakersfield, Gregory and his team at Renewell Energy are exploring groundbreaking solutions at the intersection of idle well conversion and energy storage, working to transform idle wells into gravity-based energy storage systems using weights, winches, and wires. Gregory believes that integrating solutions for idle wells and energy storage can reduce the economic and environmental impact of idle or abandoned oil wells.

Overcoming Challenges and Learning from Struggles

Every innovator encounters the daunting task of taking the initial step. For Gregory, the primary challenge lay in determining the scale of the prototype. Despite various iterations, financial constraints, and location considerations, his team succeeded in constructing a larger-than-expected prototype in Texas before installing it on a well in California.

The Importance of Community and Partnerships

When asked about advice for emerging entrepreneurs, Gregory emphasizes the importance of forging robust partnerships and reflects on his rewarding collaboration with co-founder Stephen Streckfus. He also underscores the significance of community bonds and collective responsibility for each other’s well-being in enhancing the overall quality of life and happiness.

Vision for the Future and Legacy

Gregory’s end-of-life aspirations center on witnessing idle wells evolve into clean, monitored forms of gravity-based energy storage. He aims for his work to facilitate an equitable energy transition, allowing oil patch workers to apply their skills to innovative, environmentally-friendly applications, thereby repurposing not just wells and infrastructures but also the people involved in the industry.

Thoughtful Reflections on Low-Hanging Fruits in Climate Conservation

During our conversation, I remarked, “Energy is an important part of history, right?” This contemplation led us to discussions about the pivotal role of methane in climate conservation. Gregory highlights methane management as a crucial low-hanging fruit, asserting that every ounce of effort in controlling methane emissions can have twenty-five times the impact on heat trapping compared to CO2, offering an excellent opportunity to make substantial progress in climate conservation.

Final Thoughts

Kemp Gregory’s insights illuminate the profound interconnections between our past, present, and future, emphasizing the pivotal role of innovation, community, and legacy in molding the energy sector’s future. As Gregory and his team at Renewell Energy continue to expand the realm of possibilities within the energy sector, they prompt us to ponder our roles in promoting sustainable and equitable progress.

This dialogue is part of the Destination for Innovation series, a collaboration between the City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network, which I, Les Mood, have the pleasure of hosting. Check out the full interview:


  1. Innovation and Repurposing: Renewell Energy illustrates how innovation can revitalize existing resources, technologies, and skills to address contemporary challenges and propel the future of energy.
  2. Community and Partnership: Strong partnerships and community connections are foundational in surmounting obstacles and establishing a rewarding life and work environment.
  3. Legacy and Impact: Gregory’s aspiration to create a lasting, positive impact demonstrates the potential of individual legacies in contributing to comprehensive, sustainable progress.
  4. Strategic Climate Solutions: Addressing issues like methane emissions can produce significant outcomes in climate conservation efforts.
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