Navigating the Future of Innovation with Jeremy Alan Woods at CSUB

Jeremy Alan Woods sharing insights on innovation at CSUB

In this thought-provoking episode of the Destination for Innovation series, brought to you by the City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network, we speak with Jeremy Alan Woods, Associate Professor of Management and Faculty Director at CSUB Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Join us as we explore Jeremy’s journey from Indiana to Bakersfield, delving into his extensive experience in entrepreneurship, venture management, and the transformative power of empathy and dreaming big.

Navigating the Future of Innovation with Jeremy Alan Woods at CSUB

Key Takeaways:

Empathy as a Catalyst: Jeremy emphasizes the importance of empathy in fostering a better world, advocating for understanding and support across the human race.

Championing Entrepreneurship: Through his work at CSUB, Jeremy has been instrumental in advancing over 20 ventures alone in the last year, highlighting the significant impact of nurturing entrepreneurs within our community.

Dreaming Big: Encouraging individuals to dream without limits, Jeremy shares insights on overcoming societal vitriol and fostering kindness worldwide.

Bakersfield & Kern County’s Unique Position: With a spotlight on the rare confluence of aerospace, energy, and agriculture, Jeremy discusses Kern County’s unmatched potential to lead in innovation and industry.

The Power of Community: Addressing the essential role of community in achieving inclusive and equitable energy transitions, Jeremy offers a vision for leveraging Kern County’s strengths to redefine its global significance.

Join us for a compelling conversation that not only showcases Jeremy’s personal and professional journey but also casts a vision for Kern Bakersfield’s role as a hub of innovation and growth. 

Let’s connect, collaborate, and create a brighter future for Bakersfield and beyond.

Connect. Collaborate. Create. 

Les Mood

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