Shuli Goodman Interview

Shuli Goodman Interview

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Who is Shuli Goodman?

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Meet Shuli Goodman, Ph.D., Executive Director of Linux Foundation Energy – The Internet of Energy – The Future of Power Systems

Shuli Goodman Interview
Shuli Goodman Interview

Les Mood: I’d love to hear a little bit, for you to share a little bit about yourself and maybe something your colleagues or associates or the world doesn’t know about you.

SHULI GOODMAN: So. I think that one of the most important things is that, because I work in technology, a lot of times people will assume that I lead in the world as a technologist, but I would say more than anything, I lead as a gardener and as a land steward. And it informs everything that I know and think about in terms of #technology and this place (home) for me is an expression of that because redwoods are some of the most important carbon sinks on the planet. And we have been restoring this property and that was really intensively logged 50 or a hundred years ago.

So we’ve been restoring it and removing the invasive plants. It’s been an incredible journey, building a deep relationship with the place.

Les Mood: Well, I love how your journey actually begins here, but extends beyond here. And actually, it is a big part of what you do. Can you explain as you shared with us down by the creek, how this property and the environment in general has played a role in your journey and where did your journey begin in the #greentech space?

SHULI GOODMAN: Well, you know, it’s really interesting that we’re doing this for LinkedIn because I would say that LF Energy would not exist without LinkedIn and nobody has paid me to say that. The reason why is that I live in a pretty remote place, have pretty sketchy internet and although I think it’s gotten better in the last couple of years, it was RTE the French transmission system operator that reached out to me over LinkedIn. And it was through that, that we actually began building the community that is LF Energy.

I am the Executive Director of LF Energy. That’s Linux Foundation Energy. We’re an open source community, building open-source software, hardware, and specifications that we hope will become the foundation of the power systems and energy and power of the #future.


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