Robert Niven Interview

image of Les Mood and Kemp Gregory, smiling during an interview about sustainable energy innovations.

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Who is Robert Niven?

Meet Robert Niven, CEO of CarbonCure Technologies | Saving the 🌎 One Concrete Truck at a Time 🙌

It was such a pleasure to learn about Robert’s journey at the CleanTech Forum in Palm Springs. The Westin Mission Hills Rancho Mirage was a beautiful facility to meet with 300 of the world’s top #greentech leaders. ⛳️

I can’t wait to share Rob’s enthusiasm with you & the greater community here on LinkedIn. 💙

I’ll be releasing what I call the GreenTech Talks 💰 clips throughout the week as we lead toward a release on Friday. You can follow along by smashing the 🔔 on my profile. 🔨

Big Things Are Coming For Carbon Cure

Big things are on the horizon for CarbonCure. I had the first hand opportunity and privilege of discussing the #future of concrete. 🏗

Rob also shared some amazing advice for us all and some things people may not know. 🔊

I learned a lot but I’ll share a tidbit here. LinkedIn was the catalyst in the #technology world in taking the first steps to use sustainable concrete. 🔥

The leadership of LinkedIn for the foundation of the Mountain View facility triggered a shift in Silicon Valley and beyond. 🚀

Stay tuned to learn more and support Rob’s effort to clean up construction and the planet. 🌎

Interview made possible by the #LICreatorAccelerator 💚

In Gratitude 🙏
Les | GreenTech.News

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