Saad Youssefi Interview

Saad Youssefi Interview

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Who is Saad Youssefi

Energy & Storage Technologist Saad Y. on GreenTech Talks🎙 Something The World May Not Know

QUESTION: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and maybe something your colleagues or associates or the world doesn’t know about you?

Saad: Thanks, Les. This is fantastic and it’s been something that I’ve been waiting to really spend time and dig deeper with you. So doing it inside of LinkedIn is incredible.

Les: Absolutely. Very, very thrilling. I love your blue suit, by the way.

SAAD: Yeah, I know. I thought about that. 😄 So, this is fantastic. My background is in renewable energy as well as clean #technology advisory.

I work as a consultant as well as a renewable energy advisor and what that means is: I look at originating new clean energy projects. And that could be both in the US that also could be abroad. Beyond that in my work, it also looks like advising governments. 🌎

So, we’ll see, we can get a little bit deeper into that. So, advising governments is one of the things I do and then working with #startups, that’s something that I really enjoy and being in the Bay Area, is really an incredible location in order to do all of that together.

In terms of what people do not know – and I think actually I told you yesterday – which is that I’ve traveled to like 30 countries and I’ve worked with governments in all different places as it relates to the energy transition. With that, I also speak four languages. So, that’s something I don’t think many people know.

LES: I didn’t know you spoke four languages, but I know you speak people’s language because you’re such a good community-oriented person.

(Looking to audience) – And that’s why I want you to know who Saad is because he’s going to help us grow the #greentech community on LinkedIn.

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Saad Youssefi Interview
Saad Youssefi Interview
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