Jason Rodriguez Interview

Jason Rodriguez Interview

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Who is Jason Rodriguez?

Craigslist Inquiry Led to Zpryme’s Entrance as Media & Content Leader in the Smart Grid & Cities Space🎙Jason Rodriguez, Zpryme CEO on GreenTech Talks 📷

QUESTION: Where did your greentech journey begin?

Jason Rodriguez: My first introduction to #greentech came in 2006 when I was at a utility consultant and did some analysis on a biofuels plant of all things – 2006 in Texas. I don’t think it ever got approved. So that was like the first entry of doing work in this space.

Fast forward to 2007, when Zpryme was originally formed and we started doing research on greentech. One of the first studies we got asked to do was on sustainable clothing. And so it was another step forward into getting involved in the greentech community.

But the big aha for us came in 2007 when President Obama was on the campaign trail and he was talking about something that’s called the smart grid. Well, a venture capitalist approached Zpryme back then we were just doing research exclusively and asked us to analyze a smart grid, something called a smart grid. At that time we’d never heard of it and then come to find out as we did the research that this next generation of what the electric is, was going to be based on smart grid #technology.

And that to make a long story short has propelled everything that Zpryme does, and smart utilities and smart cities – it all happened from an inquiry off Craigslist back in 2007.

Les Mood: That’s really amazing. I hear a lot of stories about how LinkedIn was the key, like with Shuli Goodman, Ph.D., from LF Energy was the key for her getting connected. I’ve not yet heard that, you know, Craigslist played a role.

JASON: Craigslist shout out right there.


Made Possible by #LICreatorAccelerator
Be You Just Create. Floor it. 🏁

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Also, check out Gridmates & Froliq.

In Gratitude 🙏

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