AJ Perkins Interview

AJ Perkins Interview

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The Power of Community on LinkedIn

AJ Perkins and I met on LinkedIn right after the world stood still. I later invited him to collaborate on content.

We quickly became friends and even began collaboration on some energy projects. We got to meet last week in person at the Bakersfield Music Hall of Fame where I interviewed AJ for #GreenTech Talks.

Check the comments for the first video where I discovered he is essentially the Elvis of Hawaii.

Here is the thing. Community is awesome and AJ embodies the spirit. When I told him about my LinkedIn series and how someone wasn’t able to get approval from their bosses and I needed him, he drove all the way to Bakersfield to make magic happen.

Who is AJ Perkins?

AJ is a businessman and a good human. He is a professional but most of all, he is a family man. All he does and all he invests into, is for his family. I’ve adopted him as one of my LinkedIn bros.

I started here from scratch when the music stopped. For those looking to find your people, you will find them. They will find you through your content and engagement. Get started and give back.

Content brings people together, facilitating conversations that build community by which change happens. It’s a form of #innovation in the digital age.


Not only is this interview series made possible by the #LICreatorAccelerator & LinkedIn for Creators, your dreams are also possible and it is up to you to make them happen.

Dreams happen on LinkedIn. ✨️
Be You. Just Create. Floor it. 🏁

In Gratitude 🙏
Les | GreenTech.News

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