Lee Krevat Interview

Lee Krevat Interview

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Who is Lee Krevat?

Meet Lee Krevat, GreenTech Guru, Advisor & Creator🎙on GreenTech Talks 📷

I love Lee’s enthusiam for #startups, utility #innovation & #greentech. His energy and positivity is contagious!

Lee is not just an amazing, kind human but a pragmatic #technology, industry and organizational leader. He is a rare kind of combination of brains 🧠, heart 💚 and high energy⚡️- hard to find in the #markets or world. 🌎

We first met as part of a corporate mentorship at Plug and Play Tech Center and have enjoyed being associates and friends since. 🤝

Not only is Lee Krevat a regular moderator on GreenTech.News & Networking, he hosts an amazing podcast, The Climate Champions. 🎤

You’ll definately want to follow Lee’s work, connect and stay tuned for his interview on GreenTech Talks; Conversations that Empower, Inspire & Enroll. ✔️

Ring the 🔔 on the right side of my profile to stay in the loop! 💯

Made Possible by #LICreatorAccelerator
Be You. Just Create. Floor it. 🏁

In Gratitude 🙏
Les | GreenTech.News

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