Unlocking Potential: Kathryn Beros’ Vision for Agri-voltaics and Water Conservation

Kathryn Beros discussing agrivoltaics and sustainability solutions.

Unlocking Potential: Kathryn Beros’ Vision for Agri-voltaics and Water Conservation

Join us in exploring Kathryn Beros’ journey, a passionate advocate for agri-voltaics and sustainability. As a grad student at Columbia University and founder of KAP Industry, Kathryn is at the forefront of integrating agriculture with solar technology to address critical water conservation challenges.

🌱 Key Takeaways:

Innovative Beginnings: Kathryn’s journey started with a policy proposal for groundwater management in India, leading to her interest in agri-voltaics.

Agri-voltaics Explained: Kathryn defines and focuses on agri-voltaics as the integration of solar panels with active cropland, highlighting its benefits in reducing water usage and boosting crop yields.

Focused on Solutions: Kathryn emphasizes the importance of concentrating efforts on specific goals to achieve tangible, hopeful results.

Water Conservation: Kathryn stresses the need for global conversations on water issues, not just focusing on carbon and emissions.

🚀 Bakersfield – The Agriv-oltaic Hub: Kathryn sees Bakersfield as a pivotal player in advancing agri-voltaics, creating job opportunities, and leading in water conservation efforts, both in California and nationwide.

🔗 Connect and Collaborate: Watch the full interview to discover how Kathryn Beros is making a significant impact through her work and vision for a sustainable future.

Brought to you by The The City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network.

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