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Navigating the Future of Electric Vehicles with Brittany Blair

Brittany Blair discussing the future of electric vehicles and sustainable transportation.

Dive into an insightful discussion with Brittany Blair, Senior Analyst at the Smart Electric Power Alliance, focusing on the electrification of transportation. Brittany shares her journey from studying biofuels to becoming a pivotal figure in transportation electrification, exploring the challenges and opportunities within EVs, utility strategies, and the broader impact on sustainable transportation.

Navigating California’s Electric Vehicle Evolution with Gia Brazil Vacin

Gia Brazil Vacin discussing California's electric vehicle initiatives

Join us in an enlightening conversation with Gia Brazil Vacin, Deputy Director of Zero Emission Vehicle Market Development at California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Discover California’s roadmap to a sustainable transportation future, innovative public-private partnerships, and the state’s leadership in the global clean energy transition.