Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development with NaTesha ‘T’ Johnson

NaTesha Johnson discussing entrepreneurship and community development.

Revolutionizing Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development with NaTesha ‘T’ Johnson

Explore the journey of NaTesha ‘T’ Johnson, Program Director of Entrepreneurship & Workforce Development at Kern Community College District, as she shares her profound insights on entrepreneurship and community engagement on the Destination for Innovation.

🔍 Key Insights:

Embracing Change and Finding Opportunities:

NaTesha narrates her pivot during the pandemic from event logistics to empowering small businesses, showcasing resilience in the face of adversity. “Adapting to change is crucial. It led me to help others in shaping their entrepreneurial dreams.” – NaTesha Johnson

Importance of Strategic Planning and Access to Capital:

She highlights the necessity of having a business plan and securing funding, especially vital for community-based small enterprises. “A solid plan and capital are the bedrock of any successful business venture.” – NaTesha Johnson

Community Involvement and Responsibility:

NaTesha emphasizes community engagement and accountability, encouraging active participation in local initiatives and decision-making. “If you’re not at the table, you’re on the menu. It’s time for us to step up and be part of the change.” – NaTesha Johnson

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