Empowering Communities through Solar Plus Energy Storage: Insights from Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell discussing energy storage markets.

In this insightful episode of the Destination for Innovation series, brought to you by The City of Bakersfield and GreenTech Network, we’re joined by Matthew Campbell, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Discover Energy Systems. Matthew brings a wealth of experience from his extensive career in the energy storage and solar industry, starting from his early days at Xantrex Technologies to his pivotal role at Discover Energy Systems, focusing on lithium and solar business solutions.

Matthew shares his journey through the evolving landscape of energy technology and markets, offering unique perspectives on the challenges and opportunities facing homeowners and the industry in California’s ever-changing energy rates landscape.

Key Takeaways:

The Evolution of Energy Storage: Matthew discusses the transformative journey of the energy storage sector, highlighting the shift towards lithium technology and the importance of manufacturers working collaboratively to ensure seamless integration of energy solutions.

Empowering Homeowners with Solar and Storage: With an emphasis on the practical benefits of combining solar panels and energy storage systems, Matthew provides actionable insights for homeowners looking to mitigate high energy costs, backed by federal tax credits and the intrinsic value of solar energy.

Community and Industry Collaboration: Illustrating the significance of community and industry partnerships, Matthew underscores the role of collective efforts in advancing energy technology adoption and ensuring products work together efficiently for both installers and homeowners.

Bakersfield as a Hub for Innovation: Reflecting on the potential of Bakersfield to become a destination for innovation, Matthew advocates for closer collaboration with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) to simplify codes and compliance, thereby facilitating easier installation of energy systems and fostering a conducive environment for technological advancements and company startups.

Join us as Matthew Campbell navigates the nuances of the energy sector, sharing his expert insights on the future of energy storage and solar power.

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Les Mood

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