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GreenTech Network is poised to be an essential facilitator in the intersection of green technology, public policy, market research, and strategy consulting. With a robust understanding of public policy, we shape regulation-friendly initiatives that promote sustainable practices whilst addressing global environmental challenges.

Our comprehensive market research services provide accurate, real-time data and insights into green tech markets, enabling businesses to make informed decisions. We further complement this with our strategy consulting services where we help organizations build sustainable and resource-efficient strategies.

Our services not only align with environmental sustainability but also drive economic growth, innovation, and societal progress. By partnering with GreenTech Network, you are investing in a sustainable future.

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Our Services Include:

πŸ“Š In-depth analysis of greentech trends in the California region, with a focus on Bakersfield’s unique position.

🌱 Detailed reports on sustainable technology opportunities specific to Bakersfield’s industry strengths.

🌳 Tailored growth strategies for businesses in Bakersfield looking to venture or expand into the greentech sector.

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GreenTech Network stands as your reliable partner for friendly, professional green technology advice. Our team of experts are not only knowledgeable in advanced green technologies but are also passionate about helping organizations transition towards more sustainable operations. We guide our clients through the green technology landscape, offering customized advice that respects your unique needs and goals. Whether you are a seasoned player in the sector or making your first steps into the green market, GreenTech Network eases your journey – translating complex green tech terminology into understandable language and providing actionable guidance. At GreenTech Network, our advice is not just professional but also personal – because your green success is our primary goal.

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Below are testimonials from our wonderful clients and partners

Les Mood was my mentor in the inaugural LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program. We met in January 2022. The ability/trait that stands out to me is how he can build communities effortlessly. He’s a genuine connector and has outstanding leadership. We joke in the program that he was our team captain! True leaders are not elected, they assume the role naturally, and he’s a perfect example! If there’s anyone who can change the world, especially in the green technology space, you’ve found the right person!

Megan (Schoenbauer) L CPA, CMA / Owner - Megan D Lewczyk, CPA LLC

Les Mood is a true professional! I’m honored to call him a friend and have had a great experience going through the LinkedIn Creator Accelerator program together. He is someone who you can always count on to be there for you and to get the job done well. I highly recommend sponsoring and or hiring Mr. Les Mood!

Cory Connors, Sustainable Packaging Consultant, Landsberg Orora / Host - Sustainable Packaging Podcast

Les is an unparalleled expert and leader in his field. He has a lofty vision not only for the acceleration of the energy transition, but for involving and benefiting people and groups across all facets of society in the process. I say this not based on some abstract sense about him but based upon the way Les has helped me and others I know well. Les is a great friend to anyone with an earnest spirit, a willingness to grow and learn, and a desire to help others in the process of pursuing their own goals.

Dan Shulman, CEO / Shulman Advisory

Les is a true rock star in the world of energy and innovation. A champion of renewable energy, sustainability and energy development, Les’ work with the GreenTech Network is a testament to his mission of making energy more relatable and understandable to the entire world! Les is highly experienced and a true visionary to work and collaborate with. Anyone lucky enough to get the option of working with Les should jump on the opportunity!

Nils Soderstrom / CEO & Founder, RenBloc