🚀 Building a Solar-Empowered Future… From Space with Andy Atherton, COO of Solestial, Inc.

Andy Atherton discussing Solestial's vision for space-based solar energy projects in the Destination for Innovation interview.

🚀 Building a Solar-Empowered Future… From Space with Andy Atherton, COO of Solestial, Inc.

I had the honor of diving deep into #innovation with Andy Atherton, CCO of Solestial. As part of the Destination for Innovation series, our conversation unveiled some real gems of insight. Tune in to learn more!

Key Takeaways:

Origins of Inspiration – From card counting in blackjack to an engineering degree at MIT, Andy’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Solestial’s Vision – More than just solar panels for spacecraft, they’re envisioning large-scale energy infrastructure projects in space.

The Start-Up Roller Coaster – With demand soaring for Solestial, Andy underlines the crucial role of teams, trust, and pivoting strategies.

Space for Humanity – Space isn’t just about cool #technology. It’s a call for unity, addressing earthly issues and transcending tribal boundaries.

Government’s Role – With support from NASA, NSF, and the Air Force, the government’s role in nurturing early-stage innovation is pivotal.

Legacy in Space – Imagine leaving behind solar power plants in space. A dream, Andy hopes, will turn into a reality for our next generation. Space has always been humanity’s last frontier, but what if it’s also a key to a brighter, sustainable #future right here on Earth?

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