Spotlight on Solar Leadership: A Deep Dive with Kellie Macpherson of Radian Generation

Kellie Macpherson discussing renewable energy strategies in an interview for Destination for Innovation with host Les Mood.

πŸ”† Spotlight on Solar Leadership: A Deep Dive with Kellie Macpherson of Radian Generation

As a seasoned veteran in the renewable sector, Kellie Macpherson brings a depth of experience that few can match. From her insights on community engagement and mentorship in the industry, to understanding the intricate web of global connections, her journey is a testament to the power of collaboration and vision. Join us on the Destination for Innovation.

Radian Generation stands at the forefront of solar asset management and advisory, crafting a sustainable #future for all. Kellie demonstrates how the firm embodies a vision where #innovation meets community.

πŸŽ₯ Don’t miss out on this exclusive chat on the Destination for Innovation! Tune in and discover the drive and passion behind one of the solar industry’s trailblazers.

🌍 The world is much smaller than we think. Being kind, nurturing relationships, and giving people the benefit of the doubt – that’s how we all find success in our piece of this puzzle. 🌍 – Kellie Macpherso

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Connect. Collaborate. Create.

Les Mood

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