Sustainable Energy & Pivoting Insights with Janos Hettyey

Les Mood interviewing János Hettyey in Beverly Hills.

🌟 Sustainable Energy & Pivoting Insights with Janos Hettyey 🌟

🎙️ Welcome to Destination for Innovation, where we join Janos Hettyey in Beverly Hills to explore his journey in the renewable energy sector. Originally from Hungary and now in Germany, Janos brings a unique perspective to the world of sustainable energy.

🌱 Key Insights:

  • Janos discusses his career transition to renewable energy, emphasizing the need for continuous learning and adaptability in today’s dynamic market.
  • He shares his passion for introducing renewable energy capacities to the grid and his commitment to staying positive, even in challenging situations.
  • Janos stresses the importance of cooperation, listening, and sharing knowledge for a more sustainable world.

💡 Powering Positive Change:

  • As a consultant, Janos works globally to support renewable energy procurement and power purchase agreement negotiations.
  • Janos’s goal is to leave a legacy of positivity and fun in the renewable energy space, inspiring others to approach life and work with optimism.

🔗 Join us for this enlightening conversation on renewable energy, positivity, and the path to a more sustainable future.

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Les Mood

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